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Spine Animations

Marco on a giant flying plant

An animation I made for a game that is very loosely based off of the book Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino. This animation appears when Marco Polo is exploring Baucis, a city on stilts in the sky.

Marco on a flying plant

Bee Game Character Animations

A few animation cycles I created for a bee themed game for a game jam. Fun fact: Drone bees are the only male bees in a hive. Worker bees, guard bees, and the Queen bees are all female!

guard bee idle

guard bee fly

worker bee idle

worker bee fly

Dimension Explorer Character Animations

These silly but endearing characters were made for a dimension exploring game. Some of them did not make it into the polished portfolio piece, so they live here.

dimension explorer_idle.gif
dimension explorer_walk.gif
dimension dude_talk.gif
dimension dude_idle.gif
dimension dudette_talk.gif
dimension dudette_idle.gif

explorer idle

explorer walk

dimension dude talk

dimension dude idle

dimension dudette talk

dimension dudette idle

Bee Game Character Animations
Dimension Explorer Character Animations
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