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Story and Fortune Cards



Fall 2020

Photoshop and watercolor

These Story and Fortune Cards are a teaser selection of a series of cards that work in pairs to illustrate complex meanings. They can be used for a fun storytelling exercise, or for fortune telling in a similar way to that of a Lenormand deck. The words help the reader decipher the combined meaning that a pair of cards create.

The Key and the Herald card could be read as unlocking (or opening) a letter.

The Herald and the Tree card could be read as news about growth. This is a pretty straight forward one.

River card v2.png

Mice and Blade could be read as current or past misfortunes slowly disintegrating, depleting, or going away.

The Blade and the River card could indicate an unexpected journey or a quickly decided upon travel itinerary.

moon 2.png

The Mask and the Moon card can be interpreted to mean a person is concealing their emotions.

The Moon and the Clouds card could represent emotional hopes and dreams that one has, or it could mean that one's goals or aspirations are changing.

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